Heath Hyde | Republican For Texas House
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Heath Hyde | Republican For Texas House

“As a Christian conservative, someone who is tied to our land, and someone who has an expertise in the law, I believe that I can make a real difference and help advance the conservative agenda.”
– Heath Hyde

Heath with Mom, daughter, sister, nephew
Heath with daughter Hayden

A Message from
Local Farmer, Rancher and Attorney Heath Hyde

I believe my background in agriculture, small business, and the law, together with my life-long connection to the district make me uniquely qualified to serve in the legislature.

In the courtroom, I’ve seen first-hand when government prosecutors try to be judge and jury and play politics with our legal system. Just look at what they’ve done to President Trump. For nearly three decades, I have been a check on the judicial system fighting to ensure that our Constitutional rights are never infringed upon by a tyrannical government.

Also, my life in agriculture has taught me a great deal about the need to defend private property rights, our 2nd Amendment rights, and how vital small businesses have been in making Texas the envy of the country.

I am passionate about putting my conservative values and experience to work for the folks of this district. I have lived my American Dream, and I want to make sure that future generations have the freedom, safety, and opportunity to live theirs right here in Hopkins, Hunt, and Van Zandt Counties.

I fight for my neighbors every day, so if I am elected, you will have an experienced advocate fighting for you on the issues that matter most like securing the border, defending our Second Amendment, protecting human life, supporting law enforcement, protecting private property rights and Texas agriculture, growing our economy, and providing top-quality education and opportunities to our kids.

Heath with daughter Hayden

Important Texas Issues

Provide Tax Relief

Property taxes continue to rise no matter what the politicians try to say. That is a fact. And they will continue to go up until the state increases its share of funding for public education in order to stop putting so much of the burden on local property owners. Until that time comes, Heath is in favor of local autonomy and the notion that voters ought to be able to “veto” significant property tax hikes through elections. He also believes unfunded mandates handed down to our local governments need to be prohibited by state constitutional amendment.

Cut Government Regulations & Create More Jobs

Heath is an attorney and a rancher, and he understands that a thriving private sector is the key to creating jobs and keeping the “Texas Miracle” alive and well. He also knows what it takes to fight government bureaucracy and balance budgets. Heath will focus his energies on reducing taxes and regulation on private business, so they can expand, create jobs and grow the economy, and Texas can continue to be the model for the rest of the country.

Protect Our Border

The federal government has failed us. They have a responsibility to secure our border and enforce our immigration laws, yet they have failed us again and again. Although it is not the state’s job to handle these affairs, we find ourselves in a position where we must take action, while at the same time working with our Texas delegation in Washington to bring our fair share of federal tax dollars back home to help pay for the cost.

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